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Tête-bêche⇋Paramita is a collaborate project by photographer Thomas Lin (Hong Kong) and installation artist George Ho (Vancouver). The exhibition first toured Vancouver, Taipei and Hong Kong in 2014.

The two artists were acquainted in Hong Kong since childhood. Outer circumstances have prevented them from living in the same city, but fostered nonetheless their cooperation across the oceans throughout the years. They took photographs of their respective cities and exchanged the film rolls with each other for exposure, which resulted in the unexpected, yet poetic, tête-bêche* double-exposure effect. With these metaphoric images, the artists invite viewers to explore life issues such as memory, history and destiny.

The story began in an on-line conversation in 2011, the two artists found the famous novel Intersection** triggered a series of coincidences among them. Although under different time zones, the coincidences developed in parallel, just like the plot of the novel appears in real life. Time and fate brought about their separation, but also contributed to their cooperative relationship across the two cities.

* French for head-to-tail.

** Intersection, written by Yichang Liu in 1972, is inspired form a pair of tête-bêche stamps.

Tête-bêche⇋Paramita II, 2015
colour photograph 61 x 122 cm

Tête-bêche⇋Paramita, 2014
black and white photograph 61 x 122 cm
(collected by the Hong Kong Heritage Museum)



《對倒⇋彼岸》分別在溫哥華、台北、香港和波莫納巡迴及聯合展出,由香港攝影師練錦順(Thomas Lin)和溫哥華多媒體藝術家左治(George Ho)共同創作。



《對倒⇋彼岸 II 》2015
彩色攝影 61 x 122 cm

黑白攝影 61 x 122 cm


Thomas Lin & George Ho:
26 Apr - 4 Jun 2019
Centre A Gallery, Vancouver BC, Canada


The Second Image of Silk Road-
Tianshui Photography Biennale
18 - 27 Jun 2018
Tianshui Convention and Exhibition Centre
Gansu, China


Social Justice, joint exhibition
curated by Long Beach Arts Society
8 - 29 Aug 2015 
SCA Project Gallery, Pomona, CA, USA


From the Other Sides: Works by Independent Photographers, The Umbrella Festival
17 - 31 May 2015
5/F L5 Common Area, JCCAC, HK


HK International Photo Festival
11 – 31 Oct 2014
5/F L5 Common Area, JCCAC, HK
香港 賽馬會創意藝術中心 5 樓公共空間


19 – 29 Sep 2014
9/F Fuxing Store, SOGO, Taipei, Taiwan
台灣 台北 SOGO 復興館 9 樓 東北角


Your Kontinent Festival
17 – 26 July 2014
Richmond Cultural Centre (Upper Rotunda) 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond BC, Canada


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Tête-bêche⇋Paramita II # 01


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita II # 44


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita II # 18


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita II # 10


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita II # 42


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita II # 52


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 07


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 20


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 62


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 42


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 36


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 19


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 48


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 03


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 09


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 28


Tête-bêche⇋Paramita # 15


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